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  • Weapon Rules

    Here are some general rules for making and using boff weapons.
    Punching weapons are not allowed. An Assassin's Creed style wrist dagger, or claws would be examples of illegal weapons. Weapons may have guards that go around the user's hand, but striking with the guard is not allowed.
    Weapons with a chain (Flails, maces, nunchucks) longer than 6 inches are not allowed. This means we do not allow boff whips or meteor hammers.
    All striking surfaces of a weapon must be padded. If you are unsure if a weapon is padded enough, please ask someone.
    Non-striking surfaces such as handles do not need to be padded, as long as they are covered in electrical tape that is different in color from the rest of the weapon. You may pad the handle if you prefer.
    Never push the tips of weapons into the ground. This damages the foam and causes them to become unsafe.
    Weapons can only be thrown if they are padded on all sides.

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    From time to time, we may allow Nerf weapons to be used in a boff event.
    Nerf weapons may not be used as melee weapons. Striking with or throwing a Nerf gun is not allowed.
    Projectiles are the responsibility of the person who fired them. Please retrieve all Nerf darts and Rival balls after the game.
    Throwing Nerf or Rival projectiles by hand does not count as a hit.
    Shots to the head, neck, hands, feet, or groin, are not allowed and do not count as hits.
    There is no nerf-specific hitbox. Whatever hitbox is chosen for the game, will apply to all weapons.